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About us

GRESTH was founded by Arif Widiyanto and Andria Suseno in 2012. Their business was begun from a small outlet in the area of Citra Indah Jonggol, Bogor, West Java, which mainly focuses on interior design. As time goes by, GRESTH’s market was gradually expanding. Arif and Andria, thus, decided to open a new furniture showroom in the alternative road of Cibubur, East Jakarta, and to move their workshop and office into the area of Wanaherang, Gunung Putri, Bogor regency. 


GRESTH has been working on a hundred projects of interior design, ranging from housing, apartment, office, restaurant, and many more. The tagline of “All about luxury” clearly describes GRESTH’s branding specialized in premium furniture and any other interior design in the style of the modern classic. Another of GRESTH’s branding is “MEDTIC”, abbreviation from Media-Aesthetic, which focuses on office interior. To grasp those all connected projects as one, GRESTH published “GRESTH Build” to work on any house building and renovating project which is worked by many experts on civil engineering. To expand their business, GRESTH also published “GRESTH ARCHITECT” to invite architectural experts to join as a new team focusing on the planning project. 


Today, GRESTH has been developed as a big company that works in the range of interior design, furniture manufacture, civil engineering, and architecture. This team which is supported by the evergreen ideas of millennial and experts who works specifically within each division will always be ready to help every client to make their dream to have a comfortable, aesthetic, and functional building comes true.



Founded GRESTH Interior & GRESTH Build for Civil & Construction


Published brand “Medtic” for interior office specialized


Published “GRESTH manufacture” which mainly focuses on furniture production.
Opened new showroom with the concept of Modern-Classic located in the alternative road of Cibubur, West Java, within the name GRESTH LIVING


Revived "Gresth Build" which had been on hiatus for almost 2 years, together with Andria Suseno and Agus Triyono, engaging in construction


Published "GRESTH ARCHITECTS" for consultant Architecture
Gresth Architects.jpg

Our Team.

Arif Widiyanto
Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Noval Cesar
Busnies Development Officer

Team Member

Andria Suseno
Co Founder &
Chief Operational Officer
Arief Mubaroq
Chief Design Officer

Designer Interior
Joko Haryanto
Muhammad Nur Faiz
Ardi Ferdiyanto
Civil Engineer
Arif Ali Massadiq
Nanang Subekti
Imron Suharno
Imam Sofyan
Former Team

Puguh Styanto | Lina Nugraheni | Ajun | Maryawan Tursilowanto | Imam Nugroho | Firman Sagita | Ari Wibowo | Januar Arif | Irfan S | Muhammad Fathurohman | Muhammad Efendy

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